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About Vizidio

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Vizidio is a business service provider, who is intent on working with you to become a better, more productive and successful entrepreneur while assisting you with developing a healthy and vibrant business. One that has purpose, is loved by your customers and excels in the industry in which you operate. We aspire to be more than just a service provider but to be an extension of your business. That expands your capability and allows you to get more from your venture. We will work behind the scenes guiding, advising and conducting important tasks while assisting with the day-to-day running of your business.
We offer a mix of subscription and on-demand services, that are affordable and tailored to help you achieve your ambitions. They focus on assisting you with the management, development, growth and overall betterment of your business. We have many years of experience in business management and development. Working for numerous companies in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, services, retail, leisure and food. Now, we hope to put everything we have learnt to good use by assisting you with various business matters whilst helping you obtain the results you seek and easing some of the pressures that come with business.
With us by your side, you will never be alone in business. We exist to support, encourage and empower all those who choose to work with us. Providing a personalised and empathetic approach that is centred around you and your business’s well-being. Whether you are an existing business, starting up or an idea we are determined to see you succeed and are committed to accompanying you on your journey. We treat every business we work with as if it is our very own, putting our heart into everything we do while striving to give you our best constantly. Seeing you succeed means that we have done our job well and that is the dopamine hit we live for.
  • Realising Your Ambition
  • Building A Successful Business
  • Always In Your Corner
Most businesses begin as either a dream, vision or idea. Whatever it might be for you, we at Vizidio are ready to help make it a reality. Running a business is one of the most liberating and rewarding endeavours a person can embark on. Few things in life provide the freedom to control your destiny, offer something others will enjoy and have a positive impact on the community around you. While allowing you to build a better life for yourself and others you care about. As rewarding as this is, if our years in business have taught us anything is that business is no walk in the park. It requires a lot of hard work and fight to be successful.
Building a successful business is not an occurrence that happens overnight. It takes time, hard work, skill, dedication, patience and sacrifice with no guarantee of success. On top of this, you must stay motivated, healthy, lead with inspiration, continuously better yourself while keeping informed of all that is happening in and around you. Businesses also rely heavily on their owner’s ability to manage, make decisions, problem-solve, prioritise and strategize for its success and this is only some of what needs to be done regularly. It is a lot of responsibility for one to shoulder which at times can become overwhelming and leaves you feeling isolated. It is a feeling we know well as we have been in this situation many times. 
Larger businesses can rely on a senior executive team, management, a board and consultants who all contribute and share responsibilities. These resources are not typically available to smaller businesses, but we hope to change that. As we will be there in your corner to keep you motivated, hold you accountable, guide and advise amongst other things. We are not afraid to roll our sleeves up and fight for your business’s success alongside you. You bring the energy, ambition and passion and we’ll bring the guidance, experience and expertise. These components fused together will create the formula for your success.

We have accumulated years of experience in both business management and development in a variety of industries. Including consumer goods, retail, service, food and leisure. The size of the businesses we have worked for and with have ranged from small start-ups to large corporates with global operations. The work we conducted included:

Managing at various levels, including day-to-day and executive

Assisting with decision-making and problem-solving

Sustaining, growing and improving businesses

Developing appealing product and service ranges

Building better customer relationships and experience

Brainstorming, developing ideas and opportunities

Assessing performance, setting goals and making recommendations

Collecting, analysing and actioning feedback

Assisting with marketing campaigns

Identifying partnerships that are beneficial to the business

Understanding the market, external factors and the competition

Research, strategy and planning

Keeping competitive in a fast-changing environment

Performing other tasks that contribute to growth and development

Contributing to other areas of the business where possible

Our work helped build sales, improved profitability and created better more efficient businesses. As some were starting up, we were able to contribute to other areas including sourcing, supply chain, operations and customer service. Contributing to so many different areas for such a diverse group of businesses has provided us with a unique education. One where we have been fortunate enough to be a part of some amazing successes and learn some valuable lessons from a few failures. Most importantly, it has been one that has taught us first-hand what it takes to establish, develop and grow a business successfully. For the past five years, we have been utilizing the experience and expertise we have acquired to assist business owners and entrepreneurs with various aspects of their business.
  • Like A Good Friend
  • We Love Building Businesses
  • Through Thick and Thin
Vizidio is on a mission to provide you with quality, valuable and beneficial services that are unrelenting in making you and your business better. With most things in life, business has its good days and its bad, but every day provides a new opportunity for adventure. Adventures we want to be a part of as we strive together to develop a business that is both inspiring and authentic. Like a good friend, you can count on us to be there when needed to guide, advise, encourage, inspire and support. For those moments when you may feel overwhelmed, frustrated or demotivated you can trust us to be there, to pick you up, dust you off and get you going again. With us always offering you a human-centred and empathetic approach to matters related to your business.
We love building businesses and through the services we offer, we hope we can help you to love what you do more. By being there when you require, keeping you focused and assisting with devising strategies, plans, actions and tactics. Which will help pave the path to your success. While further enhancing your abilities, skills and capacity as a business owner. So, you lead with purpose, conviction and enthusiasm. Support will be provided to help you stay in control, motivated and we will hold you accountable, so you always stay on top of your game.
Through thick and thin, come rain or shine we will be there to help you gain clarity, make informed decisions and make use of all the resources available to you. When you have aspirations, we will listen and then identify the most practical methods to accomplish them. While helping you achieve sustainable growth, as well as assisting you overcome problems, challenges and hurdles as if you were an Olympian. Day in and day out, we will be there to push you towards success, making the most of every opportunity and fix whatever is not working. Together, we will build a business that you will be proud of, that is beneficial to both the customers and communities you serve.
  • Helping Achieve Results
  • There When Needed
There is nothing we enjoy more than playing a small role in assisting hardworking and ambitious business owners to achieve the results that they have worked so hard towards. Not meaning to sound too cliché but building businesses is our passion, it’s our motivation for what we do, it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and to go that little further for those that we work with. Business owners are a group we have a tremendous respect for as they risk a lot both personally and professionally to fulfil their dream of running a business and achieving their ambitions while providing something of benefit to their customers.
Sadly, statistics show that as many as 80% of all new businesses fail within the first five years. For us, this is a very depressing statistic to read. Business is complex and there are many factors and variables that can impact your business and not all of them are positive. There are many reasons why businesses fail but we strongly believe that if some of them had a little more support, encouragement and guidance on a variety of scenarios and situations then they would still be operating today. That is what we intend to be, that extra support that you can lean on when needed, that also provides quality services that work towards the betterment of what you do.

We endeavour to be a valuable, trustworthy and reliable partner to all those businesses that choose to work with us. Being entrusted by a business to help fulfil their ambitions is something we take very seriously and is not a responsibility we take lightly. Therefore, we promise those that we work with the following (depending on the service chosen):

Advice and guidance based on years of experience in business management and development
Assisting wherever we can in helping you create a healthy and vibrant business
The passion and determination to see you succeed
Well thought out strategy and plans to progress your business forward
Providing a fresh, independent and free from bias perspective on your business matters
A sounding board that will help filter and select the right ideas and opportunities for you to pursue
Provide work, feedback, ideas, suggestions and advice that intends to benefit your business in a positive manner
Keeping you motivated, focused and walking with you on the path to success
Working closely with you to develop your abilities so you lead with authority, inspiration and purpose
An outlet to share what’s on you mind and reduce some of the pressures that come with business
Holding you accountable, no more doing tomorrow and keeping you on top of your game
To repay the faith clients have vested in us by supporting them in achieving results and building better businesses   
By partnering with us, you are providing yourself with a resource that is genuine, determined and serious about your success. It is a partnership you can rely on and will be based on shared values, goals and the desire to see you succeed. Working with us allows you to take advantage of what we do best which is contributing ideas, developing businesses, planning, strategizing, monitoring performance and adapting when required. We also want to expand what is possible for your business by being an extension that conducts work behind the scenes while you focus on the running of your business. Providing you the freedom to do more while staying current and competitive.
If you have a query or would like more information about any of the services, we offer then please fill in the form below. A member of our team will typically respond to you within 24 hours. For a prompter response, you can start a live chat at the bottom of the page or message us on WhatsApp via +447862245085.