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Service Overview

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Over the last decade, crowdfunding has become a great way to raise money for your idea. Websites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter and others have helped raised billions of dollars for many ideas. Everything from creative endeavours to consumer products and everything in between has raised money for their ventures via this method. While crowdfunding is great running a campaign is not easy. It takes a lot of planning, hard work and effort with no guarantee of success. In fact, up to 70% of campaigns fail. There are numerous reasons why campaign fails the main ones are poor planning, lack of awareness and poor execution.

This service aims to avoid these pitfalls and boost your chances of getting fully funded. There are several aspects that this service aims to assist you with including reviewing you campaign page, market strategy and action plan. As well as other aspects such as providing recommendations to improve your idea and what you should focus on post crowdfunding.

Service is delivered as a PDF written report.

Detailed Description

Over the last decade, crowdfunding has become a popular method to raise money. Without having to rely on traditional methods like bank loans. This method of raising money has helped hundreds of thousands of ideas secure the funding they need to start and has even created some multi-million dollar businesses. One of the most famous examples is the Pebble smartwatch which was a multi-million dollar company which was acquired by FitBit who themselves went on to be acquired by Google. Crowdfunding offers far more than just the ability to raise money when utilised properly. It provides a platform to showcase your idea, build an audience, test demand, receive feedback and improve your idea before you make a serious investment.

However, it is only possible to take advantage of everything crowdfunding offers if you have planned properly and have an effective strategy. Unfortunately, the majority of crowdfunding campaigns do not. This is why the failure rate is so high well over seventy percent. There are many reasons why campaigns fail, but the most common is lack of awareness, poor planning and not knowing how to execute a campaign effectively. Too often people who have good ideas have failed to have a successful campaign because they missed these factors. It is very demoralising when a crowdfunding campaign fails. As it takes a lot of hard work, time and effort to conduct a campaign. The average campaign lasts four weeks so not hitting your target when your campaign finishes can be a real bummer.

For a campaign to be successful, it requires meticulous planning and a cohesive strategy that covers the three elements of a crowdfunding campaign. Which are pre, active and post-campaign planning. No service can 100% guarantee the success of your crowdfunding campaign but what this service does offer you is experience and advice that will boost your chances of getting fully funded. By assisting you with a variety of tasks including creating or reviewing your campaign page, deciding on a marketing strategy, providing recommendations and planning your post-campaign activity amongst other tasks that can assist you on your crowdfunding journey.

Service Delivery Times

These are approximate delivery times. A more accurate delivery time will be given on purchase of this service.

  • Essentials – 3 days
  • Standard – 7 days
  • Detailed – 7 days

Service FAQ’s

What is the service?
Assists with the development of your crowdfunding campaign. Including campaign page review, validating your crowdfunding idea and assisting with the development of your strategy. Among other tasks that can help with your campaign.

What does it offer?
Depending on the service you choose we will provide you with detailed feedback on how good your crowdfunding page is with suggestions on how to improve. We can also validate the idea and provide feedback on your crowdfunding strategy.

What does each option offer?
Please view the pictures that accompanies this listing for more details on what each option offers.

How else can we help with your crowdfunding?
We can assist with the management of your crowdfunding campaign and provide you with advice when required. Please contact for more details.

Which industries do we have the most experience in?
The industries we have the most experience in are consumer goods, services like restaurants, retail, IT/tech & leisure.

Who we are?
For more than a decade we have worked in business development and management. In industries like services, consumer goods and tourism. During this time we have learnt a few things about what it takes to build a business. Which is something we would now like to utilise to benefit those businesses that choose to work with us.

What else do we offer?
There are several services we offer including monthly subscriptions, validation, business development, review and feedback services. Bespoke services that are exclusive to your business are also offered.

Service Requirements (Please Read)

Please send the information below to after purchasing the service. This provides us with the information required to complete the service.

  • Link to a crowdfunding page
  • Documents that can help me understand your crowdfunding campaign
  • Documents that provide details on your business
  • Links to website social media, articles etc.
  • Information that can assist such as links to articles, web pages etc.

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