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About This Service
Never in human history has a technological advancement grown as fast and changed the world as quickly as AI has done. Within two years it has redefined how we work and impacted almost every industry in some way. What AI will be able to do in the future is endless, with this technology the sky really is the limit. However, this is still a technology that is very much in its infancy and does have limits.
Particularly, when it comes to information the results it can provide are astonishing but the quality, accuracy and how relevant the information is another matter. Information produced by AI still needs to be verified especially if you are a business. The wrong information can negatively impact your business. This service helps you overcome this as it mixes artificial intelligence with human experience and expertise offering you the best of both worlds. This will both help you verify the authenticity of what the AI has produced as well as provide you with experienced feedback so you can get more out of what has been produced.
What We Review
 The services offers three options dependent on how many pages there are in the AI generated content:
Three Pages
Ten Pages

Twenty Pages

Service is delivered as a PDF written report. Please contact us if you have more than twenty pages that need to be reviewed.
Service Extras
Add-ons available at an additional cost that enhance and provide additional perspective to the work we have conducted
Thoughts & Recommendations
A service add-on that provides you with further thoughts, recommendations and other informative insight on the content generated by AI. Which will provide further context and an additional perspective.
These are approximate delivery times. A more accurate delivery time will be given after you have purchased the service and we have reviewed your requirements.
Three Pages
Two Days
Ten Pages
Four Days
Twenty Pages
Seven Days
What is the service?

Reviews and provides feedback, thoughts and suggestions on work that is produced by AI to see how accurate and relevant it is to your business.

What does it offer?

A detailed page-by-page breakdown of the work produced by AI highlighting what is done right, where it has gone wrong and what relevancy the information has to your business and what it is you are trying to achieve.

How is the service delivered?

You will be provided with a written report in PDF format. Extras are available including an opportunity canvas or a video summarising my findings in a more interactive format.

What is goal of the service?

To blend the awesomeness of AI with experienced and creative human intelligence to give you the best of both worlds so you can make more use of the information that is provided.

Which industries do we have the most experience in?

The industries we have the most experience in are consumer goods, services like restaurants, retail, IT/tech & leisure.

Who we are?

For more than a decade we have worked in business development and management. In industries like services, consumer goods and tourism. During this time, we have learnt a few things about what it takes to build a business. Which is something we would now like to utilise to benefit those businesses that choose to work with us.

What else do we offer?

There are several services we offer including monthly subscriptions, validation, business development, review, and feedback services. Bespoke services that are exclusive to your business are also offered.

Please send as much as the information below to after purchasing the service. This will provide us with the information we need to complete the service.
A copy of the work produced by AI
What objectives were you hoping the AI content would help you achieve
Details of your business (name, location, links to websites)
Information that can assist such as links to articles, web pages etc
Any other information you think is useful

Additional information

Service Options

AI Review – 3 pages, AI Review – 10 pages, AI Review – 20 pages, Service Extras – Thoughts & Recommendations