On-Demand Services

On-demand services

Our on-demand services involve us either providing advice to your business when you require it or completing tasks that help move your business forward. Our on-demand services include:

On-demand business advice – Provides advice when required to businesses not yet subscribed to our monthly subscription. We will provide you with insightful, actionable, and well-thought-out advice on matters related to your business that will assist you in making better, more informed and confident business choices. Matters include decision-making, problem-solving, management, strategy, planning and feedback on new initiatives. This is a great way to sample what our monthly advice subscriptions can offer before committing to a monthly subscription.

Validation and development services – Work focused on developing new opportunities for your business or helping you get started with a new business. Services include new business idea validation, reviewing new ideas for existing businesses, conducting market analysis and research.

Review & feedback services – Reviews and provides feedback on materials related to your business. Such as business plans, pitch decks, presentations, websites, and crowdfunding campaigns. We provide feedback, another perspective and a second opinion. As well as advice, suggestions, and thoughts on the ideas they represent.

Bespoke services – Bespoke services are focused on getting things done for your business. This can vary from developing new opportunities, contributing to projects, writing documents or other work not offered on our online store. Please fill in the form on this page with details of the work you would like us to conduct on your behalf. Our team will respond to you within 48 hours.

Provides insightful, actionable, and well-thought-out advice on matters related to your business. That will help you make better, more informed, and confident choices. There are three types of advice available, the difference between the three is explained below:

Basic – Provides simple advice on your business matter, it is best suited for instances where you require a small amount of advice, feedback, or validation of your thinking.

General – This is the most popular option; it offers more in-depth advice providing you with a more robust response to the matter you are seeking advice for.

Detailed – Offers the most detailed advice and is best for matters that will have a considerable impact on your business. Such as high-level executive decisions

Advice can be provided on the following matters:

  • Start-ups – Advising you on matters related to your new business
  • Crowdfunding – Assisting you with the creation and management of your crowdfunding campaign
  • Executive Management – Helping you make high-level and key choices that will have a profound impact on your business
  • Management & Leadership – Advising on key management and leadership functions such as organising, commanding, controlling, inspiring and coordination
  • Day to Day Management – Supporting you with the day-to-day management of your business
  • Decision Making – Assisting you with making decisions for your business that will either validate your thinking or provide an alternative
  • Problems & Challenges – Helping you overcome the problems, risks, and challenges you and your business may face
  • Business Occurrences – Assessing and advising you on how to respond to both positive and negative events that have occurred within or around your business
  • Market Awareness and Developments – Helping you respond to new developments that have occurred in your market that can impact your business
  • Product/Service – Providing feedback on your businesses offering from either an executive or consumer perspective including perception, suggestions and how to further develop your product/service lines
  • Customer – Advice on matters that will help improve customer relations including delivering quality customer service and increasing satisfaction
  • Marketing – Helping you determine how, what, and where to spend your all-important marketing dollars
  • Business Functions – Advice that will assist with the management of core business functions such as organisational, HR & operations
  • Partners & Vendors – Guiding you on how to manage relationships with suppliers and other key business partners
  • Focus & Progression – Helping you determine what your business should focus on to improve, grow, and develop
  • Growth, Development & Improvement – Matters related to the growth, development, and improvement of your business
  • Goals & Objectives – Helping you select what goals your business should look to achieve and how to achieve them
  • Strategy, Planning & Actions – Advice on whether actions you are considering undertaking are warranted or if you should focus elsewhere
  • New Initiatives Feedback – Feedback of new initiatives that your business is considering undertaking and if they are worth pursuing. This includes new business projects and R&D
  • Feedback – Feedback on various aspects of your business from an executive or customer perspective. Including marketing, branding, packaging, social media and other matters you may want feedback on

Work we perform on your behalf that is focused on the development and progression of your business. The services we offer include:

New business idea validation – Ting! You have just had an amazing business idea but how do you know if it is worth pursuing before you invest time, money and resources? This is where our new business idea validation service helps. The service reviews your idea, conducts market research, understands how your idea fits into the market and what the demand for what you are offering might be. Feedback and suggestions are also provided on your idea. Including praising what is good, where improvements can be made, what actions you need to take and what the best route to market is. Most importantly, it validates if the idea is worth your time and effort to pursue before any investment is made.

Review or validate ideas for your business – As a business owner, you are constantly thinking of ideas that will develop and make your business better. Having the idea is the easy part, understanding the benefits, how it will integrate into your business and if it is the right idea to pursue is where the work comes in. Our review or validation service is on hand to decipher new ideas you have. Helping you filter and select the right ones to pursue that will bring the most benefit. This is done by conducting research, providing feedback and scrutinising the ideas you have while providing you with reasons why you should or shouldn’t pursue them.

Business research – Quality, reliable and verifiable information is a strategic asset that can be used to benefit your business and keep you ahead of market changes. In a world where misinformation is so rife, finding reliable information is sometimes a task that is easier said than done. Our research service takes on the task of finding information on your behalf providing you with quality, reliable and verifiable information on several topics. Including market research, industry development, competitor activities, and new opportunities amongst other information you may require.

Provides a standard or detailed review of materials related to your business. This includes business plans, pitch decks, presentations, websites, social media and crowdfunding. In addition to the review we also provide feedback, a fresh perspective and a second opinion. As well as offering advice, suggestions and thoughts on the ideas they represent.

  • Pitch decks
  • Presentations
  • Websites
  • Social media profiles
  • Online business profiles
  • Crowdfunding creation & management 
  • Bespoke services on other materials you would like reviewed

Bespoke tasks we conduct on your behalf that gets things done for your business. Tasks can vary from contributing to projects, writing documents or other work that is outside of what is offered in our online store. Please fill in the form below with details of the work we would like us to carry out for you. Our team will typically respond within 48 hours.