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Information is one of the most important assets your business has access to. Having good, well-researched and qualified will keep your business informed, competitive, ahead of the curve and brings new opportunities. However, with misinformation being as rife as it is. Finding reliable information is becoming a more difficult and time-intensive task. This is where this service assists. As we take on the task of finding the quality and reliable information you require on a number of topics including:

  • Start Up
  • Crowdfunding
  • Market Research, News & Analysis
  • Market Trends & Opportunities
  • Market Challenges & Threats
  • Competitor Research
  • Business Progression, Focus & Direction
  • Business News & Events
  • Business Development
  • Business Improvement
  • Marketing
  • Customer
  • Product/Service Development
  • Supplier, Vendor & relationships

Service is delivered as a PDF written report.

Over the years, the role information plays in a business has grown significantly in importance. If you look at the most successful companies in the world right now, they all have something in common. Which is they all take information seriously and use it effectively to bring results to their business. Businesses that use information successfully have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

While the importance of information has grown, so has the amount of misinformation. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable information that can be used to make decisions, decide on actions, create a strategy, and formulate plans. Qualifying information is an activity that takes time which as a business owner may already be limited. As there are so many other tasks that require your attention.

This is where this service helps as we take on the task of research on your business’s behalf. Finding the information, you require as well as verifying its reliability and offering analysis on our findings. Which you can then use for the betterment of your business amongst other tasks such as strategy, planning and choosing actions.

Our team has accumulated years of experience in business development and management. One of the most important tasks we were involved with was research. Sometimes there were millions of dollars, or the future direction of the company being staked on the outcome of the information we found. It was a task we had to perform to the absolute best of our ability and to a very high standard. Through this service, we hope to use this accumulated experience to find the information your business requires.

Whatever you may want information on whether it be understanding market trends, knowing the latest industry news and developments, the impact of external factors, what your competitors are up to or new opportunities this service is here to help.

These are approximate delivery times. A more accurate delivery time will be given on purchase of this service.

  • Standard – 7 days

What is the service?
Having good, well-researched, qualified information will help you assess, analyse, adapt, plan and strategise for your business better. This service aims to provide you with quality and verified information on topics your business would like information on.

How is the service delivered?
You will be provided with a written report in PDF format. Extras are available including an opportunity canvas or a video summarising my findings in a more interactive format.

What does it offer?
Information is important but as a business owner, you may not always have the time to conduct research. This service helps as we take on the task on your behalf. As we conduct research that you need providing you with qualified and well-researched information.

What does each option offer?
Please view the pictures that accompanies this listing for more details on what each option offers.

Which industries do we have the most experience in?
The industries we have the most experience in are consumer goods, services like restaurants, retail, IT/tech & leisure.

Who we are?
For more than a decade we have worked in business development and management. In industries like services, consumer goods and tourism. During this time we have learnt a few things about what it takes to build a business. Which is something we would now like to utilise to benefit those businesses that choose to work with us.

What else do we offer?
There are several services we offer including monthly subscriptions, validation, business development, review and feedback services. Bespoke services that are exclusive to your business are also offered.

Please send the information below to after purchasing the service. This provides us with the information required to complete the service.

  • Details of what you would like me to research – A paragraph explaining what it is you would like me to research, why and what you most would like to get from the research
  • Details of your business and online links (like name, where you are based, what you do, link to website, social media
  • Information that can assist such as links to articles, web pages etc.
  • Any other information you think is useful

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Business Research & Analysis, Extras – Video Summary, Extras – Opportunity Canvas