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As a business owner, you continuously want your business to evolve and be the best it can be. This is why you are constantly thinking of ideas and exploring opportunities that will grow, improve, and keep your business competitive. Choosing the right ideas for your business to pursue before you sink resources into them is a task that has only grown in importance in recent years. This service utilises our experience in developing ideas to review new ones for your business and determine if they are the right ones for your business to pursue. We will review your idea, conduct market research, understand the potential, provide feedback and other work that will assist in your idea’s development. Ideas we can review include:

  • Ideas related to your start-up (not start-up idea validation)
  • Overcoming problems and challenges
  • Responding to market news, events & developments
  • Customer
  • Product/service
  • Marketing
  • Improving business functions
  • Growth & development
  • Strategy, planning & actions
  • Developing business performance
  • New business projects
  • Countering competitors

Service is delivered as a PDF written report.

As a business owner, you want your business to be always at its best. So, you can continue to offer your customers products and services they will love while running an efficient and profitable enterprise. Thinking of ideas and exploring opportunities are two mechanisms you can use to help your business stay innovative and competitive in today’s fast-changing marketplace.

As you are aware a business’s resources are finite and must be used wisely. Implementing new ideas requires time, money, and effort. Investing in the wrong ones will not only waste precious resources but can slow down your progression while selecting the right ones can increase sales and accelerate growth. This service will assist you in choosing the right ideas for your business to pursue by reviewing new ideas you have for your business.

This service will utilise our decade plus experience in business development to decipher new ideas you have. We will analyse the market, understand your ideas potential and how the idea will fit into today’s marketplace. We will also provide suggestions, feedback, thoughts, and a free-from-bias evaluation on why you should or should not pursue with the idea. Insight on how the idea can be improved and actions on how to implement the idea within your business can also be provided. The goal is to provide you with the information and actions that will give you confidence that pursuing the idea is worth your businesses time and resources or provide you with an alternative. It is all about helping you choose the right ideas for your business.

There are three options offered which are:

  • Essential – Provides market research, understands potential, reviews competition, offers analysis, and details on why you should or should not pursue with this idea
  • Standard – Everything in essential but also offers an insightful look at your idea, where it can be improved, your goals and other key factors that will help with the development of your idea
  • Detailed – Everything in standard but also provides an action plan on what actions you should consider undertaking to implement the idea within your business as well as what the future opportunities for your idea could be

These are approximate delivery times. A more accurate delivery time will be given on purchase of this service.

  • Essential – 7 days
  • Standard – 7 days
  • Detailed – 7 days

What is the service?

Reviews ideas for your business to help you determine if this idea is the right one for your business to pursue. We assess, analyse, and provide feedback on why you should or shouldn’t pursue the idea.

How is the service delivered?

You will be provided with a written report in PDF format. Extras are available including an opportunity canvas or a video summarising my findings in a more interactive format.

How the service helps you?

Having a new idea is great but how do you know if it is the right one to pursue? This service answers that question as we scrutinise the market and your idea to understand its potential, where it can be improved and what steps to take next.

What does each option offer?

Please view the pictures that accompanies this listing for more details on what each option offers.

Which industries do we have the most experience in?

The industries we have the most experience in are consumer goods, services like restaurants, retail, IT/tech & leisure.

Who we are?

For more than a decade we have worked in business development and management. In industries like services, consumer goods and tourism. During this time, we have learnt a few things about what it takes to build a business. Which is something we would now like to utilise to benefit those businesses that choose to work with us.

What else do we offer?

There are several services we offer including monthly subscriptions, validation, business development, review, and feedback services. Bespoke services that are exclusive to your business are also offered.

Please send the information below to after purchasing the service. This provides us with the information required to complete the service.

  • Details of your new idea including what the idea is and the inspiration behind it. Details on how it will be sold and who your target market is?
  • Why this idea in particular?
  • Details of your current business? (e.g. link to website, social media pages, documents, and other useful links)
  • Any other documents and information that provides more information about your new business idea?
  • Online links to websites that will provide more information about your business idea e.g. articles?
  • Any other information you think is useful?

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Idea Review – Essential, Idea Review – Standard, Idea Review – Detailed, Extras – Video Summary, Extras – Opportunity Canvas