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Pitch decks, presentations and keynotes are important visual mediums. Used to persuade others that you have an amazing idea that is worth looking into. Whether that be a new business idea or an idea for an existing business. A presentation can play a key role in gathering the support you need. Putting together a presentation is a task easier said than done. As there is a fine balancing act of getting the right amount of information within the space available. This is where this service helps as we review your presentation providing you with advice, feedback, suggestions, and thoughts. That will assist you in creating a presentation that will wow your audience. Recommendations on your idea can also be provided. Presentations we can review include:

  • Pitch decks for start-up ideas
  • New ideas for existing businesses
  • Business proposals
  • Organisational matters
  • Business model, focus & direction
  • Strategy & planning
  • Market & competitor research
  • Customer, product, and service matters
  • Marketing
  • Business functions like operations, R&D, human resources etc.
  • All ideas related to growth, improvement and development

Service is delivered as a PDF written report.

Since computers have become mainstream pitch decks, presentations and keynotes have become great tools to share ideas with others. Whether it is a new business idea or an idea for an existing business. They can play a key role in engaging, informing, and convincing others that your idea should be taken seriously. These presentations may only be a few slides long but the work that goes into producing them is immense. Putting together a good presentation/pitch deck is no easy task either. They must be concise, well-written, to the point and contain just enough information to spark someone’s curiosity. It is a fine balancing act, that you must get right if your presentation is going to gather the support needed for your idea.

There are many instances where amazing ideas have failed to come to prominence. Due to a poorly crafted pitch deck or presentation that failed to grab the attention of those who support they need. There are also many notable examples of businesses whose success can be attributed to how good their presentation is. Airbnb, Uber, Square, Tesla and DoorDash are billion-dollar companies whose success started with their pitch deck. These presentations both grabbed their reader’s attention and excited others about their idea helping them gain the support they need.

This is exactly what this service intends to help you to do. As we review your pitch deck or presentation and provide you with advice, feedback, thoughts, and suggestions. That will assist you in creating a good-looking, well-written and convincing presentation that captures your audience’s attention while showing them why they should take your idea seriously. We can also provide recommendations that will help with the development of your idea. Over the years we have helped dozens of businesses put together pitch decks and helped others put together presentations with ideas to improve the businesses they work in. We now want to share this experience to help you put together a pitch deck or presentation that is going to wow your audience.

These are approximate delivery times. A more accurate delivery time will be given on purchase of this service.

  • Essential – 4 days
  • Standard – 5 days
  • Detailed – 7 days

What is the service?
Too often, good ideas have failed to get going because of a poorly presented pitch deck or presentation that fails to capture the imagination of those whose support they need. This service intends to help you avoid this by providing feedback that will assist you in creating a pitch deck/presentation that will wow your audience.

What does it offer?
We will provide you with a standard or detailed review of your pitch deck/presentation. With thoughts on what you have done well, where mistakes have been made, where it can be improved and what can be added to make it better. Feedback, advice, thoughts and suggestions on your idea will also be given.

What does each option offer?
Please view the pictures that accompanies this listing for more details on what each option offers.

How else can we help with your pitch deck/presentation?
There are additional services available where we can assist further with your pitch deck/presentation. Such as writing or conducting research. Message us for details on how we can help.

Which industries do we have the most experience in?
The industries we have the most experience in are consumer goods, services like restaurants, retail, IT/tech & leisure.

Who we are?
For more than a decade we have worked in business development and management. In industries like services, consumer goods and tourism. During this time we have learnt a few things about what it takes to build a business. Which is something we would now like to utilise to benefit those businesses that choose to work with us.

What else do we offer?
There are several services we offer including monthly subscriptions, validation, business development, review and feedback services. Bespoke services that are exclusive to your business are also offered.

Please send the information below to hello@vizidio.com after purchasing the service. This provides us with the information required to complete the service.

  • A copy of your pitch deck/presentation
  • Documents that supports the information written in your pitch deck/presentation
  • Details of your business (name, location, links to websites)
  • Information that can assist such as links to articles, web pages etc.
  • Any information that you think is useful

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